INFORMATION PAGE


 Why Are You Offering This For Free?

I am expanding my business into your area and I am looking to establish a track record with some great testimonials about the products and service I provide. This should help you solve your problem but it will also help my business.

What Is The Catch or the ‘Fine-Print’?

No catch! The only condition I set is that you will give me the best testimonial and recommendation you can – IF you like what my team does for you. You are also agreeing to allow me to show that testimonial in my promotions or to other businesses.

What Will Happen To My Main Site?

Nothing. Your new mobile-site files will be stored separately from your main site files. Your main site will remain exactly the same and will not change or be adjusted at all EXCEPT we will add (or give to your webmaster to add) one little module called a ‘script’ that will make your site ‘Mobile-Smart’. This script recognizes when someone is accessing your site from a desktop or from a mobile device and will direct the visitor to the appropriate files INSTANTLY.

Will I Have 2 Different Web Addresses?

Nope. You will still only have the one web address to use. Our special script will INSTANTLY direct anyone that is trying to access your site to the correct set of files.

If This Is Free, Then Why Does It Cost For Hosting?

Your mobile site files are similar but different from your existing site files and they need to be located in a separate location to avoid confusion and breakdown. This allows for your site to function EXACTLY like it has for anyone accessing it from a desktop computer, and it also allows it to INSTANTLY function as your mobile site for anyone logging in from a cell phone or tablet. My design and setup tools work perfectly with the required hosting platform and allow me to set up your mobile site to perform seamlessly with your existing site without confusion or problems. For this offer, I provide my design and setup service for free but you must cover the hosting cost.

What Is The Hosting Fee?

There are two options. Option 1 is a monthly fee of $19.95. Option 2 allows you to pay for an entire year upfront and save some money. The fee per month is about the same, but by paying upfront, you only pay for 10 months and get 2 months free. The total for this is $195 and gives you a full year of hosting. I have a steep group discount from the hosting companies which is why this is so inexpensive. Regardless of which option you choose, you will make payments through PayPal, which is one of the most secure online payment systems today.

Can I Use My Own Hosting Account?

Not for this offer. The hosing options I use work perfectly with my design and setup tools and allow me to provide the service I do. It is possible to work with some other host companies but it does take considerably more work and thus, costs me more to provide. So, using other hosting IS available with a paid site setup ($499 one-time fee).

Will This Be A Generic Looking Site or Will It Be Customized?

Your site will be both very attractive and very functional. We have 15 basic style variations to choose from as a starting point and then we can customize your colors and other options to match the look and feel of your main site. To get us started, you will fill in an easy-to-complete options sheet. We will do a mock-up from that for your approval. At that point, you will be allowed 2 revisions to get us to the final look for your new mobile site.

What Is Your Refund Policy or Cancellation Policy?

You have 28 days from the day you make your first payment to ask for a No-Questions asked refund for the hosting fee. You must send me an email by midnight EST of the 28th day in order to get the refund. We can still get that initial amount returned within 30 days, and this gives me a day or two to make contact with the hosting company. After that, there are no refunds.

However, you may cancel your hosting service at any time and will not be billed further. Your cancellation notice must come by the last day of that cycle (not on the day the next payment is billed. ie: if your monthly fee is due on the 5th, you must cancel by midnight of the 4th)

When Does My 30-Day Cycle Begin?

For us to begin the process of building your free site, you will make your first hosting payment. That way we know you are in. Your payment cycle for hosting begins on the day of your first payment. It may take us a week or two to get your site designed, setup, and tested

What Are The Main Mobile Site Features?

Your new mobile site will be attractive, functional, and very simple to navigate on a mobile device. It will contain some of the same information your main site has, but we will purposefully keep it a bit more simplified. You can have up to 7 pages including the home page, and you are allowed 2 free revisions (of a small reasonable amount of data) per year.

What Will You Need From Me?

After you make your first payment for hosting, we will be notified by PayPal and will send you a reminder list of what we need. It will include your website address (to make sure we get the right one), your preferences for colors, your choice of design (from 15 variations), a list of pages you want included (up to 7, we list options), and a copy of your logo image. For pages that are the same for both sites, we will take the copy for your mobile site directly from your existing website pages unless you specify differently.

 How Do I Get Started?

When you are ready to take the next step and make your first hosting payment, choose the correct link below. We’ll get started on your site right away! Clicking on the either link below will take you to PayPal’s secure checkout page. Please double check to make sure you are making payment to TeamUp Enterprises LLC.

Option 1 Monthly Hosting Option
– only $19.95 per month

Option 2 Annual Hosting Option
– pay for 10 mo -Get 2 free
– only $195 per yr

More Questions?
If you still have other questions that are NOT answered here then give me a call at (317) 502-4061.