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The Main Features

Here's Why You'll Be Armed and Dangerous
with Your New Mobile App...


Push Notifications

Directly connect with diners through well-timed mobile messages, just like texts! Use push notifications to remind guests about happy hour and seasonal specials.


Provide convenient access to your existing OpenTable or NexTable reservation system and watch the tables fill up!

Mobile Coupons

Want more devoted customers? Generate and distribute soon-to-expire coupons to drive traffic and increase repeat visitors in a snap. Mobile coupons get ten times the redemption rate of traditional coupons, an easy way to boost revenue. (Borrell Associates, Hubspot)

Menu Display

Showcase what counts most, your delicious food, cocktails, and desserts. With MojoBistro our interactive menu option allows you to highlight your entire menu with mouthwatering descriptions and enticing photos. Want to keep it simple? You can also upload your menu as a PDF!

Loyalty Programs

Setting up a reward program they track on their phone creates a loyal customer base that can increase sales by 20%!

Social Media Connect

Keep your customers in-the-know by promoting entertainment, wine tastings, themed dinners and other offers to build excitement.

Photo Gallery

Show the atmosphere, past events, or your most loyal customers. Photo galleries give customers an inside peek of your restaurant and builds a sense of community.

Take Mobile  Orders

Online orders have been found to be 25% larger than in-house orders. Boost your bottom line with this feature alone!

Events & Promotions

Keep your customers in-the-know by promoting entertainment, wine tastings, themed dinners and other offers to build excitement.

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Custom Design & Build

Push Notifications


Mobile Coupons


All Other Features Listed

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